Friday, January 24, 2014


With the much needed guidance of my kick ass PA, I have crossed over to the dark side of blog land and wound up on BLOGGER!!


Going to start this blog off the right way, with some very much needed THANK YOU'S!

I started this journey, in September 2013 hitting publish on my first Novella "Embracing Life" never did I think I would be here a whole six months later getting ready to hit publish on my fourth.
I may write the words, but that is not the be all and end all of this process, NOPE!

I have an amazing team off people standing right behind me. Not a day goes past where I am not thankful for all of their hard work.

Brianna... My PA, keeping my life in line is not an easy one, but you do it! With the grace and flare that I could only ever expect from you. Thank you sweetness! Now get that calender ready we have some tours to book.

Erin Giblin... Thank you for everything. You took my multi colored pages and made them beautiful. I could not ask for a better editor.
Those little bubbles on the side of the page, guide me. Not just to change a word or a sentence but to be BETTER!

Kari Ayasha... No skies will ever be as purple as the ones you design for me. Thank you for my amazing covers. I love you lady <3

Nadege... A talented, kick ass lady who knows me. No description needed.. You have always known what I want and damn girl if you don't blow me away every time!

 More to come.............

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