Saturday, January 25, 2014


There is a story behind this book, one that is very close to my heart but breaks it at the same time.
Footprints, was never a book that I planned on publishing, not because of what it is, but because of what it means to me.

January 2012, sat at my in-laws home after a birthday weekend with my eldest son, I recieved the call that stopped my heart. My world came crashing down around me. The thought that my husband was layed thousands of miles away from me hurt, and in pain. Was more than I could take. Time has passed and I thankful every day that I have him home with me and the boys! I honestly I have no idea where I would be in this world without him

Living the military life is by no means an easy one.
So Footprints made its grand entrance in to the writing world of Nicky Jayne.

Standing by she watches her father leave board the huge grey beast. Taking him to who knows where. As a young girl, her mother raised her whilst her father was away at war. A single mother of sorts.

She saw familiar faces come and go, Flags wave in the breeze, Engines growl as they shut down. Each time the faces grew less and less.

Tragedy struck, leaving Riley and her mother to fend for themselves. Life was not easy. His memory covered the walls. The flag still hangs proud from the stark white walls.

She vowed she would never fall in love with a military man, she purposely steered clear of their nightly haunts. Until one day,

He came crashing into her life literally. Was it love at first sight, can she overcome the fear that comes with living the military life?

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